This ministry is for the Preschoolers of our church families and friends.  We welcome all children, ages 3 - 4, to join in with a happy, jumpy, and loving group, where everyone learns about the many characteristics of God!

Welcome to Jr. Kids Church!

In this classroom, led by Lead Teacher Margo Tankersley, the children participate in weekly lessons about the fruits of the Spirit. Through these lessons, the kids are learning how the "fruits" reflect God's love for them and how the "fruits" work in their lives.

During their time in this "junior" church, the children will learn about Jesus' great love for them through stories from God's Word such as the healing of Jairus' daughter in Luke, chapter 8, and the healing of a blind man in John, chapter 9. The children will also learn about jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem and about His death and resurrection. Through these stories, the children will experience how God moves in our lives to produce victory and bring us closer to Him.

Each week, the children complete one or two craft projects with emphasis on their Sunday lesson. There is also a take-home paper handed out at the end of church time, so parents can see and reinforce that day's Bible story.

The first Sunday of every month will be dedicated to missions. Each month, a different country is discussed and the children will begin to hear about God's wish for us to spread the good news to all nations. It is our hope that through our missions program, the Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge, hearts begin to warm with compassion for all the lost people that Jesus wants us to reach. All children receive yellow, plastic containers and are encouraged to fill it with loose change for the lost people.

Class time is from 10:00 am until the end of the adult worship service, which is usually by 12:00 pm.