Women have special gifts from God, one or more talents that He has blessed them with. Women of Praise helps women find their gifts, and then matches them to needs in the churches or communities, and empowers them to serve others with their talents.

Women of Praise

WOP Meetings - 2nd Saturday 10-Noon
Meetings Include Breakfast & Bible Study

Please Note Due to the Holidays we will not have Ladies Night Out in November/December

Ladies Night Out
3rd Thursday of each month at 5:30 PM

Please call or text Teresa Bower (302-530-2980) if you have any questions.

2019 Woman of the Year

Congratulations Jean Boyer!

Please Note: Regular events and activities may be canceled during the Summer and Holidays. See the Upcoming Events section below for the full schedule.

Women of Praise Ministry Team

Sherrie Lipscomb - Women's Ministry Leader

Gigi Williams - Lead Support/Spokesperson 

Kristi Rivera - Administrative

Raetta McCall - Photographer

Genie Vafakos - Financial Coordinator

Elizabeth Mongare - Decorations & Promotions

Feel free to contact any of these ladies with questions or ideas.


Women's Ministries—Unlimited!

More than you imagined

Our world is changing rapidly, and so are the needs of women. We as Christians must be relevant to those we want to reach. Women's Ministries—Unlimited! emphasizes the unlimited opportunities open to women for ministry in their local churches and communities. Every woman should be ministered to according to her need, and every born-again woman should be encouraged to find her place of ministry within the body of Christ.

It's more than a label, it's a lifestyle.

Women have special gifts from God, one or more talents that He has blessed them with. Women's Ministries helps women find their gifts, and then matches them to needs in the churches or communities, and empowers them to serve others with their talents.

A variety of Ministry Groups can help teach biblical principles of leadership and practical tools for reaching and ministering to the women of this unique generation and diverse culture.

Tiffany — Sexual abuse ministry

It's shocking to discover that many women have been abused at some point in their lives. Tiffany shares, "Our group started a class that will help survivors of this horrible tragedy find the joy of God that might have been missing from their lives. We use the Word of God as a guide to begin rebuilding the emotional damage these women suffered sometimes 20 or 30 years earlier."

Patty — Snuff Out Cancer prayer and support ministry

Patty tells about her ministry. "One of every eight women, or 190,000 women, will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year in America alone. Our church is providing prayer support for women struggling with the fear and depression this issue brings to them personally and within their families."

Pam — Creative Friendzy

"Women love to be creative, so the Lord dropped it in my heart to start a ministry called "Creative Friendzy." Pam describes Creative Friendzy as "taking women's natural tendencies to be busy and to do creative things, and putting them in a spiritual context. We take these talents and put them into an avenue that will encourage others."

Women's Ministries is Women Ministering

  • Teaching Bible studies

  • Ministering through prayer opportunities

  • Singing in the choir, playing in band or orchestra

  • Ministering in the church nursery

  • Ministry to single women

  • Ministry to single moms

  • Ministry to widows

  • Ministry to professional women

  • Ministry to senior adults

  • Ministry to the disabled

  • Financial management classes

  • Book clubs

  • Snuff Out Cancer prayer and support group

  • Teaching a Sunday School class

  • Assisting with funeral dinners

  • Assisting with recovery meals

  • Event Evangelism

  • Hospital ministry

  • Shut-in ministry

  • Giving wedding or baby showers

  • Teaching discipleship or evangelism classes

  • Ministry to college students

  • Church librarian

  • Church office volunteer

  • Ministry to victims of abuse

  • Care of church building

  • Church visitation ministry

  • Nursing home ministry

  • Military personnel ministry

  • Diet and nutrition classes

  • Exercise classes

  • Crafts ministry

  • Hospitality ministry

  • Fellowship groups

  • Mentoring opportunities

  • Food pantry

  • Clothing bank

  • Marriage ministry

  • Child care cooperative

  • Mother's day out program

  • Children's church worker

  • Home schooling network

  • Missionettes sponsors

  • Missions opportunities of all types

  • Ministries as unlimited as women's ideas!

It's more than a project, it's a purpose.

Our purpose is to fulfill God's purpose. Paul wrote to the Galatians, "Through love serve one another." Every born-again woman should have at least one ministry where she is involved in serving others. Through Women's Ministries many opportunities exist where every woman can be motivated to find her place of service. If you are not involved, ask God where He would have you begin.

Upcoming Events